Causes Of Bus Accident Injuries In Los Angeles


Although buses are among the safest vehicles to use on the road, they also cause accidents. You may be a victim of a bus accident even if you are not riding on the bus. bus accident attorney Los Angeles Bus accidents happen all the time and when they occur it is the passengers that pay the highest price.

Being involved in an accident is not your fault. You are just a victim and you must be treated as one. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not make it easy for accident victims. If you are injured in a public bus accident in Los Angeles you are entitled to compensation, however, most insurance companies will try dodging their responsibility.

bus accident attorney Los Angeles

Los Angeles Bus Accidents

Most buses in Los Angeles are owned and operated by the local governments, schools and tour companies. Each of these buses is governed by different local government laws. For instance, school buses are strictly required to put in place security measures for kids in case of an accident. Whichever bus you are ridding on when you get involved in an accident, the aftermath is the same. You may get injured and you will need medical attention. In the worst case scenario, there may be a loss of life. Once you get involved in an accident, you will be approached by representatives from the bus or insurance firms. As much as these representatives may seem helpful, their main aim is to shield their clients from financial responsibilities. They will trick you into saying statements that may result in less compensation for you and the other victims. If you are involved in an accident, it is advisable not to talk to any representatives of the company without having your bus accident attorney around.

Bus Accident Causes

There are many causes of bus accident attorney Los Angeles. According to the LA Traffic Police Department, more than 50% of all road fatalities are in some way associated with human negligence. In some cases, the drivers are at fault while in others it is the bus company to blame. Whether it is the company, the manufacturer or the drive that is at fault, you should take steps to secure your rights as a victim. The first step you should take as soon as you are involved in an accident on a bus is getting a full medical checkup. Let your doctor know that you have been involved in an accident so that he/she can write a comprehensive report. As soon as you start receiving initial treatment, find a way to contact a trusted bus accident attorney Los Angeles.

Manufacturing Defects – Some cars may have defects right from their manufacturing source. Such cars can cause accidents and lead to loss of lives. In such cases, the manufacturer must take full responsibility for the accidents.

Improper Maintenance – Poor maintenance can also lead to accidents. All cars that are used for public purposes are required to meet certain maintenance standards.

Improper Infrastructure: In some cases, a bus accident may occur due to the poor design of a road. There are some roads that are dangerous or that are out of date. Although rare, if you get involved in an accident, drivers may try blaming it on the road.


If you are involved in an accident, it does not matter the cause. The most important aspect for you is to ensure that you get your compensation. Most insurance companies will try to prolong the case and derail your compensation. You may not have time to wait if you have medical bills to pay. You should get a bus accident lawyer to represent you and help you collect your compensation on time. Make sure you document all the injuries when you go to the hospital and if possible file a police report.