The Best Way To lincoln plumbing

And mental exhaustion that I went through building the business just I would get home late Saturday evening and there was a few Sundays that I could I couldn’t physically go do a call I’d sit down and just within a couple of minutes my bones hurt I mean I just had worked so hard that week and I just but that’s what it took you know I totally believe that’s why we grew is because.

I made the sacrifice and when somebody called I jumped on it so it’s good to be in some somewhat good physical condition it’s going to help you mentally and it’s going to help you get through your day so consider it at least flat rate pricing I know I’ll get into this later and in later videos but you need you know everybody chances are the top five companies in your area are using flat rate pricing and you need to be too so make sure.

I’m hoping to help you build a flat rate pricing system why in a while I just don’t have it developed yet but um I want to help you because it would just skyrocket your growth and just help you you know not go through all the struggles that we went through so understanding overhead you’ve got to have a basic understanding of your overhead which goes back to your pricing so and then I want to talk about.

I’ve got number seven here is kind of the e-myth the entrepreneurial myth that’s a book called that’s a book by Michael Gerber excuse me um that’s a really good book to read I would highly suggest it also look for HVAC spells wealth by Ron Smith that’s a great book as well give you some insights on you know different letters to use words to use and not use through the selling process and it’s a great book so check that out but the e-myth I want to talk about is don’t think that you’re gonna you know you’re not going to start your business and get rich tomorrow it’s not going to happen it’s there’s no such thing as overnight success it’s just you.

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